Practicing Self Care During Wedding Planning

Getting married is often considered one of life’s most stressful periods. Especially if you’ve never planned a massive event before. We’ve all seen memes that compare wedding planning to fighting in a war or a bride armed with a bat ready to trip off! Long and often complicated to-do lists, high emotions, numerous meetings, budgeting,Continue reading “Practicing Self Care During Wedding Planning”

5 Things to Do Before Your Engagement Shoot

It’s becoming increasingly popular to plan a photoshoot before the day of your wedding. While the wedding remains the main event, a photoshoot will give you the chance to capture exactly how you feel towards each other. In years to come, you will be grateful to have the preserved memories of this stage of yourContinue reading “5 Things to Do Before Your Engagement Shoot”

Caribbean Destination Wedding Tips

For many brides and grooms to be, there is no better place to say I do than on the shore of an amazing white sand, blue beach in the Caribbean. The warmth of the Caribbean, the relaxed vibe, the gentle sounds of the waves gently breaking on the shores, the friendly people and the amazingContinue reading “Caribbean Destination Wedding Tips”

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